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Originally authored by April Klimkiewicz at Bliss Evolution


So often, we feel like we’re not being valued at work, but we don’t know what to do. Instead of complaining to our loved ones (who just don’t know what to do either), follow these steps, and you will know exactly what to do when you don’t feel valued at work:

1. Pinpoint the issue
2. Take steps to resolve the problem
3. Decide if you should stay or go

Let’s look at each one of these steps in detail.

1. Pinpoint the issue.

Sometimes we feel a general malaise at work, but we’re not really sure just what’s bothering us. When we feel this way, sometimes it’s due to some big incident like being passed over for a promotion, but in other instances, it could be an amalgamation of a bunch of tiny little things that have happened over time to make you feel like your employer doesn’t value your time and efforts. It could be that you’ve made suggestions in meetings and someone else is taken credit for the outcome of your ideas, or it could be something big like being passed over for a promotion. Whatever the issue is, pinpoint it so you can have a clear idea of what’s happened and can make a plan for moving forward.

2. Take steps to resolve the problem.

Often, when we continue working at the same job for a long time, it’s because there are a lot of things we like about it. Rather than walking away prematurely and throwing out the good with the bad, first, take steps to resolve the problem. Plan out the points you want to make, and when you are calm, cool, and collected, talk to the key decision makers who can help you resolve the situation.

3. Decide if you should stay or go

Sometimes it gets to the point where there is nothing you can do to feel valued by your employer. Maybe they taught you so much about the industry that they don’t realize you have come up with creative solutions to problems on your own. Or maybe they are just moving in one direction and want a bunch of worker bees to clock in and clock out and be a warm body during working hours, but this doesn’t suit you. If you find yourself in a rough situation, you will have to make the tough call about whether to stay or leave your current job.

Let’s look at an example together:
One of the big signs that you’re not being valued at work is when promises that were made to you are not fulfilled over time. Let’s imagine when you were first given a new project, you were told how valuable this project was for the organization and if you did well, you would be receiving a promotion for your work. You completed the project. You were told it was great, and there have been positive changes for the organization based on your work. The problem is, no one has said anything about the promotion. More time goes by, and you feel like no one cares about your contributions or your work.

You’ve pinpointed the issue, so now it’s time to take steps to resolve it. Set up a time to discuss what was promised to you, and learn more from your supervisor. If the higher-ups drag their feet about it, push the promised promotion further back, or refuse to honor their word, it may be time to consider contributing your talents to a new organization that will value you by doing what they say they will do.

Get what you deserve
We spend so much time at work. It stinks to feel like our work isn’t valued. Follow these steps to think clearly and make the right decisions moving forward.

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