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While most people are at least aware of LinkedIn, there’s still a large number of those who don’t really understand what it’s about and how to use it.  LinkedIn is an online social platform for working professionals.  Rather than relying solely on sending out resumes and traditional networking, you can attract recruiters on LinkedIn, who reach out to you.
A great way of looking at it is to imagine you are using a platform like Facebook, but instead of sending off friend requests, you are making professional connections and expanding your network.
LinkedIn now has more than 500m users registered worldwide, so it’s a network that you’ll want to be a part of if you’re trying to attract interest from prospective employees.


What can LinkedIn be used for?

The platform can be utilized in lots of ways, all of which can help propel you forward in your career.
  • Learning from Market Leaders:
You can discover new ways of thinking and learn from the proven best on LinkedIn. Following business leaders, such as Sir Richard Branson or Gary Vaynerchuck, can be hugely beneficial as they regularly share new ideas and thoughts on the business world.
  • Sourcing Contacts:
Back in the day, finding the right person to speak with at a certain company would require you scouring around for the right email address, with little expectation of a response.
Now, however, you can find the right company instantly and search all their listed employees. From here, you can then send off a connection request and message them directly through LinkedIn.
  • Sharing Content:
Your LinkedIn feed is a timeline of shared and liked content. Get involved in the discussions and share your own ideas for your industries!
  • Recruitment:
As it’s the largest lead-generation base for recruiters, LinkedIn is filled with them. This means that this social platform is the best way to attaining job offers. If you can impress a recruiter with your profile, then you could be well on your way to acquiring the right role much quicker than you think.


What is the best way to attract recruiters on LinkedIn?

As recruiters are constantly on the lookout for the best new talent, LinkedIn can sometimes feel like a competitive place. You need to make sure your profile is tweaked to display your best skills and experience.
CV-Nation, who are experts in the field of recruitment and CV-writing,  created a handy infographic that shares the 10 best tips for attracting recruiters on LinkedIn.

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