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Originally authored by April Klimkiewicz at Bliss Evolution


Many people are thinking about how to create a career that they love in the year to come. Rather than wondering what you can do to get ahead or make the change you’re dreaming of, check out the following career resolutions for a happy new year for inspiration!


I resolve to speak up when I have a good idea

Maybe you’ve been keeping a great idea under wraps, too worried to speak up about it. If you have a good idea, maybe now is the time to share it with your colleagues, clients, or supervisor. If you don’t want to do it in a meeting, consider an email. Narrow down your idea to one page of information so a decision can be made on the major points, and offer to help bring the proposal to completion if it’s accepted.


I resolve to show thanks when a team member deserves it

If someone goes above and beyond for you, why not go above and beyond with a thank you. It can be as simple as a hand-written note, or you could go all-out with a special gift, but whatever you decide, remember that great help deserves a great reward.


I resolve to reach out to networking contacts

People want to help you get ahead, but they also get consumed with the day-to-day of their own lives and jobs that they may forget to reach out. Help them help you by staying in contact with networking contacts. You can send an article that you thought was interesting and relevant to the field, or you can just drop a note every once in a while to keep them updated on your search. Staying top of mind for networking contacts in a professional (not pushy) way can do wonders for your career in the new year.


I resolve to find work that is meaningful

Maybe you’ve been waiting for the right time to make a career change. A year is a long time, so resolve to take small steps now so that in one year’s time (or less!) you can be contributing to the world through your career in a meaningful way. If you haven’t looked at the Comprehensive Career Change Guide, take a look so you can get your mind in the right place to prepare for finding meaningful work.


I resolve to present myself as the professional I am

Maybe that means dressing for the job you want rather than the job you have. Maybe that means introducing yourself as your side business rather than your salaried position. Or maybe that means making sure that your communication reflects the person inside that you want to share with the world. Whatever professional means to you, take stock of how you are currently presenting yourself and what you could do to feel like you are presenting the best version of you to the world.


Take control of your career in the new year!

By making the above resolutions, you are resolving to take control of the direction of your career. Don’t worry if you get off track. Just resolve each time you remember to take a proactive approach to create the career you love!

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